Instagram boss assures app will remain focused on short-form content

In a social media post, Instagram boss clears smoke regarding app's content preferences
An undated image of social media app icons. — iStock
An undated image of social media app icons. — iStock

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri has dismissed the idea of long-form content on the app. In a recent video post, he stated that such a move might "undermine" the app’s "core identity to connect people with friends."

Although the app technically supports long-form videos (users can post videos up to an hour long), the IGTV experiment with long-form content has ended. Currently, short-form content seems to be the way forward.

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Mosseri says that Instagram’s two main roles are to help users connect with friends and explore interests, "usually through short-form video." He describes these two roles as "symbiotic" since users might share a video they like with a friend who might also enjoy it.

With long-form content, users are less likely to interact with each other as they spend more time watching longer videos, which they are less likely to share. Mosseri describes this as "less symbiotic" because users see less content from friends, interact less with their friends, and are less likely to send that content or video to a friend.