Instagram outages: What really wreaked havoc on Meta platforms?

An outage engulfs all three major Meta platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram
An undated image of Instagram open on Play Store. — Unsplash
An undated image of Instagram open on Play Store. — Unsplash

Part of a failover that gripped almost every Meta platform on Tuesday this week, reports of disruption while accessing Instagram are still flooding the internet and other platforms that raise public's concerns.

Following a blow that caused worldwide outage, these reports of a breakdown swirling around Meta platforms' signifies that the issue has not been resolved yet. 

Is Instagram down?

Although the status site of Meta had claimed to have implemented a fix for the outage, latest reports are seen hinting that Instagram users are still grappling with issues while logging in, content uploading and more.

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Occurring around 18:00 BST (14:00 EST) on Wednesday, the virtual blackout had engulfed all three major Meta platforms which includes WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram when it first emerged on Wednesday.

Immediately after the globally expansive outage, thousands of users reported issues while accessing the aforementioned three Meta platforms.

Downdetector, a website which tracks outages as well as the performance of websites, showed around 3,700 reports of Instagram users encountering issues at 18:20.

Meanwhile, 82,000 is the number of reports about WhatsApp facing issues at 18:25. Likewise, 1,840 Facebook users reported outage at 18:23. However, the WhatsApp issue was reportedly resolved just an hour later.