Instagram's ‘Blend’ feature to bring mutual reels' feed for friends

A reverse engineer says Instagram's Blend feature would include Reels recommendations and your Reels interests
An undated image of Instagram. —Unsplash
An undated image of Instagram. —Unsplash

Instagram, the Meta-developed platform, is reportedly working on a new feature "Blend" that creates a private feed of Reels for you and a friend.

Citing sources, Techcrunch reported on Friday that the feature is an internal prototype and has not yet been tested externally. 

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi said a Blend would include “Reels recommendations based on Reels you’ve shared and your Reels interests.”

Meanwhile, if you invite a friend to a “Blend,” Instagram algorithms will automatically start showing the same feed of Reels that it believes the two of you would be interested in. 

The blend is similar to Spotify in functionality, which was released in 2021 and allowed two users to combine their favourite songs into one shared playlist. 

The screenshots attached above show that Blends would be private between you and the other user. Instagram has yet not shared official details about the feature. 

The feature is developed in a way to make the enhance user experience and allow them discover new Reels together, which could be a technique to boost Reels discovery and watch time. 

It’s not yet confirmed that when or if Instagram plans to launch the feature officially. If officially launched, Blend would allow Instagram Reels users a fun and collaborative feature that is not available on TikTok.

Although a small one, the introduction of the feature ‘Blend’ could give Instagram a competitive advantage over TikTok, , given TikTok's continued dominance of the short-form video industry.