Intel backed by DigitalBridge for AI venture

DigitalBridge Group will have an independent board of directors in join AI venture, whereas Intel will remain a shareholder
The image displays the Intel logo. — Unsplash
The image displays the Intel logo. — Unsplash

Intel has announced that it’s going to establish a new independent company, dedicated to its artificial intelligence software initiatives, in a joint venture with DigitalBridge Group and other investors. 

DigitalBridge Group is a digital asset manager firm which will have an independent board of directors in the jointly formed company, whereas Intel will be a shareholder.

The chipmaker didn’t disclose the exact stake it would hold in this collaborative venture named Articul8 AI, pronounced as Articulate AI, a Reuters report noted.

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Besides DigitalBridge, other investors include Fin Capital, Mindset Ventures, Communitas Capital, GiantLeap Capital, GS Futures and Zain Group.

While this initiative by Intel seems to attract external investments for its businesses, it’s driven by Intel's collaborative work on corporate AI technology with Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Intel created a generative AI system capable of processing text and images through a blend of open-source and internally developed technology and by utilising an in-house supercomputer.

Arun Subramaniyan, former vice president and general manager in Intel's data centre and AI group, and the upcoming chief executive of Articul8, noted that numerous potential clients shared apprehensions about entrusting their data to major cloud computing companies for AI tasks.

He said, "We've been really trying to address the biggest gap in generative AI today, which is that building a proof of concept is easy, but getting things into production and doing it safely and in a cost sustainable way is really what is missing."