Intriguing iOS 18 features you may not find in Apple Intelligence

New Passwords app allows to easily access all their passwords, such as Wi-Fi passwords, verification codes, and more, all in one place
An undated image of latest iOS 18 features. — Apple
An undated image of latest iOS 18 features. — Apple

Apple’s newly introduced feature Apple Intelligence, is capable of performing multiple intriguing functions but it is only specified to a few devices. But, iOS 18 supports every AI feature coming in the form of Apple Intelligence and made iPhone more capable, and personal than ever before. 

Features of iOS 18

Here are a few upgrades that are not related to Apple Intelligence but, these features are not less than them. 

Get more personal home and lock screen

iOS 18 now allows all the users to swap options out for the shortcuts from the Control Center. So, if you are using any app such as Facebook, or Instagram simultaneously, you can swap to Calculator. 

Additionally, with the Home Screen enlarged in iOS, users would be able to place icons anywhere they want and customise it according to their wish either in Dark Mode, change colour options, and many more. 

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Photos in iOS 18 receives personalised upgrade

All the Photos apps are pretty functional with great personalisation options available like a cherry on the top. Now, the same pattern is integrated into iOS 18. The redesigned Photos app in iOS 18 would comprise a grid that users often use along with a sneak preview of recent days. 

This outstanding feature has now integrated a carousel view that enhances the highlight presentations which are updated by each passing day, making browsing easier by themes. 

Updated iMessage in iOS 18

There is nothing to worry about if your iPhone doesn’t support the features of Apple Intelligence such as Genmoji, and more, there are a variety of other intriguing features that are available in iOS 18 such as iMessage to express yourself more properly along with more formatting options available such as bold, italics, underline, and etc. 

Users will also receive animated options related to whatever they type. This feature will let users enjoy putting their heart out and interrupting anything to the other person in a more expressive way. 

Real Passwords app in iOS 18

This new Passwords app will allow users to get easy access to all the passwords such as Wif-Fi passwords, verification codes, and others just in one place. This feature would be available in macOS Sequoia, iPadOS 18, and visionOS 2.0.