Introducing 2024 Can-Am Maverick R: A came-changing UTV

Its three-cylinder Rotax engine delivers 240 horsepower
An undated image of 2024 Can-Am Maverick R. — MotorTrend
An undated image of 2024 Can-Am Maverick R. — MotorTrend

Prepare to be amazed by the brand-new 2024 Maverick R from Can-Am. This off-road car is reintroducing the rules with its remarkable features boasting a 240 horsepower engine, a cutting-edge 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, and an astounding 26 inches of wheel travel. The Maverick R is redefining the side-by-side market.

Can-Am has taken the off-road world by storm with the unveiling of the 2024 Maverick R. Designed to rival the Polaris Pro R and almost ready for racing straight out of the box, this UTV packs unrivaled power, exceptional suspension capabilities, and an innovative 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. 

After over five years of development and extensive testing covering 500,000 kilometers, the Maverick R is finally here. Let us delve into the exciting specifications of the vehicle that make this side-by-side stand out.

Unleashing unmatched engine power

The heart of the 2024 Can-Am Maverick R is a groundbreaking turbocharged 999 cc inline three-cylinder Rotax engine that delivers a remarkable 240 horsepower, setting a new standard in its class. 

The engine boosts remarkable upgrades like forged aluminium pistons and plasma-coated cylinder bores. It has a closed-deck head design and 8-tension rods that enhance its durability.

Dual fuel injectors work together for each cylinder, ensuring a consistent and powerful performance. To keep things cool, each piston has an oil squirter, while a dry-sump oil system maintains lubrication even at extreme angles. The engine integrates a unique 54 mm Rotax turbocharger, the first of its kind with an electronically actuated wastegate.

Driving modes and advanced response technology

The Maverick R offers three drive modes: Normal, Sport, and Sport+. In the aggressive Sport+ mode, the Advanced Response Technology (ART) system comes into play. This system eliminates any lag caused by the turbocharger by shutting off the ignition for the middle cylinder. 

This shutt off retards timing for the other two cylinders, and opening the throttle wider. This setup allows the turbocharger to spool up at idle, and when you hit the throttle, all cylinders engage, delivering instant power to the transmission. This system essentially eliminates the need for a separate launch control program.

Revolutionary 7-speed dual-clutch transmission

Breaking away from the conventional drive belt, Can-Am has developed a brand-new 7-speed dual-clutch transmission for the Maverick R. This innovative gear-on-gear transmission offers seamless and immediate gear shifts, controllable either manually via steering column paddles or automatically. 

The transmission has modes that adapt its shifting behaviour. In "auto" mode and Normal drive, shifts happen between 3,500 and 4,500 rpm. Opting for Sport or Sport+ mode raises the shift point to 8,500 rpm, maximizing power delivery while creating an exhilarating exhaust note. Maintenance is simplified through regular oil changes, and a dedicated clutch cooling circuit and transmission fluid heat exchanger with dual electric fans ensure reliability.

Enhanced chassis and suspension

Supporting the increased power is a revolutionary high-strength dual-phase tubular steel chassis that enhances strength and rigidity compared to previous models.

The new design alleviates the stress on bolted connections, including the front and rear suspension components. The suspension takes help from double-bonded bushings for a smoother ride. 

The Maverick R boasts a class-leading 77-inch track width, a 108-inch wheelbase, and up to 17 inches of ground clearance. Impressive 265 mm front brake discs with 32 mm three-piston rotors handle stopping power, while the rear brakes feature 255 mm discs with 30 mm dual-piston callipers.

Innovative suspension with unprecedented travel

The Maverick R features a revolutionary suspension system called the heavy-duty tall-knuckle design. The car’s design allows for a massive 25 inches of wheel travel in the front and 26 inches in the back. 

Forged aluminium front knuckles connect the stamped steel upper and lower control arms, reducing stress on suspension components. This design also raises the vehicle's force-based roll centre closer to its centre of gravity, making the car more predictable and easy to handle and less roll movement during acceleration.

Cutting-edge fox dampers

The Maverick R is equipped with Fox dampers utilizing third-generation Live Valve technology. Base models come with Fox Podium 2.5-inch piggyback internal bypass coilovers with manual compression adjusters. Upgrading to the Maverick R X RS introduces Fox Podium RC2 shocks with manual dual-speed compression and rebound adjusters, boasting a larger 3.0-inch rear shock diameter. An optional choice is the Fox Podium dampers with Smart-Shox technology, offering semi-active adjustments to both compression and rebound damping, providing precise control and responsiveness.

High-performance tires and wheels

The Maverick R features ITP Tenacity XNR tires with higher speed and load ratings compared to standard side-by-side tires, ensuring they can handle the power. Base models sport 30x10.5-inch tires on 15-inch aluminium wheels, while the Maverick R X RS models boast a 32x10.5-inch tire mounted on 16-inch aluminium beadlock wheels. The Maverick R introduces a unique 6-lug, 139.7mm bolt pattern to the industry.

Exceptional interior and features

The Maverick R's seats are the only parts carried over from the Maverick X3, and they offer outstanding comfort with four-way adjustability and retracting harnesses. Enhancing the driving experience is an adjustable telescoping steering column featuring a supercar-inspired steering wheel equipped with paddle shifters and infotainment system controls. 

The Maverick R is the first Can-Am off-road vehicle to include a massive 10.25-inch colour touchscreen, offering an intuitive interface for performance information, driving stats, cameras, phone control, music, and navigation through the BRP GO! app.

Pricing and availability

The 2024 Can-Am Maverick R is now available for order and will soon be arriving at dealerships. With a starting price of $35,499, the Maverick R offers exceptional value. Opting for a fully loaded Maverick R X RS with Smart-Shox raises the base price to $44,299. Adding all available options, including a glass windshield, rock sliders, bumpers, mirrors, audio system, storage boxes, and more, brings the price to $61,981, excluding freight or delivery charges. Unfortunately, Can-Am has not yet announced any plans for a four-seat model at this time.