iOS 17.4: These hidden features are coming to your iPhone soon

With iOS 17.4, Apple introduces a new post-quantum cryptographic protocol to enhance end-to-end secure messaging
The image shows an iPhone. — Freepik
The image shows an iPhone. — Freepik

Following a month of beta testing, iOS 17.4 is set to roll out to all iPhone users next week, bringing along a host of new features. With Apple already distributing the iOS 17.4 Release Candidate version, the official release is imminent, especially as the company aims to comply with Europe’s Digital Markets Act by March 6, just around the corner.

iOS 17.4 promises exciting enhancements for iPhone users, particularly those in Europe, with significant updates to the App Store, Wallets, and more. Additionally, all iPhone users can anticipate new emojis and various tweaks.

iOS 17.4 features 

But that’s not the end of the story. Following are five hidden yet valuable features that will be available on your iPhone with the arrival of iOS 17.4 next week.

Changes in gaming apps: With substantial alterations tailored for European users, Apple has decided to globally permit streaming game apps on the App Store, granting access to software like Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce NOW for all iPhones.

Messaging with Siri: Siri introduces a new feature to announce messages received in any supported language, simplifying communication with international friends.

Enhanced battery life for iPhone 15: iPhone 15 users can rejoice as iOS 17.4 reveals that the latest models can endure at least 1,000 complete cycles before hitting 80% of battery health, doubling the cycle count compared to previous models. The Settings app now provides detailed insights into battery health, including cycle count, manufacturing date, and first use date.

Improved Stolen Device Protection: Building on the Stolen Device Protection feature introduced in iOS 17.3, the new update adds an option to always require double authentication, whether you're at home or in an unfamiliar location, enhancing device security.

Enhanced iMessage security: With iOS 17.4, Apple introduces a new post-quantum cryptographic protocol to enhance end-to-end secure messaging, putting users ahead of other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal in terms of security.