iOS 18 AI features might embrace AI emojis at WWDC 2024

Anticipated AI features for iOS 18 include a tool to suggest replies to emails and text messages, and an enhanced Siri
An undated image of emojis. — Unsplash
An undated image of emojis. — Unsplash

With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference a few weeks away, insights into what's on the company's cards have begun surfacing, primarily regarding its announcements that have little to a lot to do with artificial intelligence (AI) and its integration into iPhone and various Apple's flagship products.

AI has been rumoured to be the key focus of Apple's upcoming developers conference, with the iPhone maker expected to disclose several AI features for its upcoming iOS 18 operating system. According to Bloomberg, Apple aims to develop AI tools that regular consumers can use in their daily lives.

The central point of Apple’s AI strategy is reportedly a project called “Project Greymatter.” This involves integrating AI tools into commonly used apps such as Safari, Photos, and Notes.

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iOS 18 features

Some of the in-the-pipeline features include tools to transcribe voice memos and retouch photos. Regardless of the device being a Mac or an iPhone, many of Apple’s AI features are expected to operate directly on the device to enable faster and more secure AI performance.

Other anticipated AI features include a tool to suggest replies to emails and text messages, and an enhanced Siri that will offer more natural-sounding interactions.

One distinctive AI feature expected to be announced involves AI-generated emojis. This feature will create emojis on the fly based on the context of what a user is texting about.