iOS 18: List of AI features expected to roll out this fall

With iOS 18, AI integration is expected in various applications like Apple Music, Xcode and more
An undated image displaying an iPhone. — Pexels
An undated image displaying an iPhone. — Pexels

With the arrival of the iOS 18 around the corner, rumours about the integration of AI features have begun making waves in the landscape.

This leaves many to ponder when, or if, Apple will release iOS 18 — latest iOS update — with the integration of AI features such as Siri, RCS support and more.

iOS 18, dubbed as the biggest software update Apple ever released since the base and first-ever iOS version, is expected to accentuate iPhones' appeal with an assortment of AI features.

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While generative AI features available on Android smartphones typically rely on cloud infrastructure, Apple is reportedly opting for on-device AI capabilities.

Seamless execution of the said approach will be ensured by iPhones, iPads, and Macs already being equipped with chips with dedicated neural processors, allowing iPhone to go east with on-device AI workload.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says Apple is going with arms wide open with in-house AI technologies using its own cloud infrastructure. He speculated that Apple has opted out of the development of ChatGPT or Gemini, and is doing so in conjunction with Google or OpenAI to tap its wider audience and its demands. 

This approach towards the introduction of AI features in an iOS update will lead to a similar ChatGPT experience as that of existing third-party solutions.

AI features on iOS 18

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman suggests that iOS 18 might be one of Apple's most groundbreaking updates, particularly with new AI features.

  • Siri and AI integration: Siri is rumoured to receive a significant upgrade with advanced AI, potentially marking a significant shift in its capabilities.
  • AI features across Apple products: AI integrations are expected in various applications like Apple Music, Xcode, and more, with a blend of on-device and cloud-based processing.
  • More customisable home screen: Rumors suggest that Apple may allow users more control over the placement of Home screen icons.
  • RCS support: Apple might introduce RCS support to the iPhone, enhancing messaging features with Android devices.
  • New accessibility features: iOS 18 may include innovative accessibility features, like Adaptive Voice Shortcuts and Live Speech enhancements.
  • Influence from Vision Pro: Elements from Apple's visionOS might make their way into iOS 18, potentially bringing significant interface changes.

iOS 18 compatible devices

While there's no specific information on compatibility, it's expected that devices supporting iOS 17 will also support iOS 18, ranging from the iPhone XR and XS, 2nd-gen iPhone SE, up to the latest iPhone models.