iOS 18 Safari introduces few major improvements

Safari upgrades would also be available in older models of iPhone as well including the recent models iPhone 15 Pro and more
An undated image of Safari 18. — AppleInsider
An undated image of Safari 18. — AppleInsider

iOS 18 Safari consists of a plethora of compelling features but recently it has undergone major alterations to the iPhone’s default browser hint at Apple’s larger strategy related to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Apple’s senior manager of Safari software engineer also revealed the reason behind these changes and said that these changes are for "easier ways to discover content and streamline your browsing."

Safari upgrades would also be available in older models of iPhone as well including the recent models iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and more, as they didn’t participate in Apple Intelligence capabilities, which is only specified to the recently launched models.

Here are the more details of iOS 18 Safari which would be integrated after Apple makes the iOS 18 public beta available in July.

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iOS 18 Safari

Here is the detailed overview of features introduced in Safari — Highlights and Readers:


The major enhancements to iOS 18 Safari highlights utilises machine intelligence for the identification of central concepts of information over a specific page and calls them in a dialog box after browsing. The Cupertino-based tech giant has further demonstrated it by examples including playback links for songs, summarised TV show reviews, and more.

However, a few details are still unclear including whether the highlights would automatically appear in Safari, or the user would have to click the button to bring a dialog box. According to a tipster, this feature is initially expected to be integrated only in US English sites.


Coming to the Reader tool in iOS 18, it also picks up a few summarisation skills, allowing users to have a quick overview of a web page after switching to the Reader mode. It would assist you to find out the extent of a web page’s organisation by generating a table of content for web articles and allows the users to reach towards the particular sections of an article.

These summarisation features are also available in a few Samsung models which are now back in iOS 18. But, they are only specified to English websites initially, similar to Safari Highlights. But, Apple has confirmed to introduce it in other countries as well such as: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK.