iOS 18 to offer AI-powered iMessage summary feature like Humane AI: Rumour

New iMessage text summarisation on iOS 18 feature is said to have capability to utilise data from Safari and Messages
An undated image of a person using smartphone. —
An undated image of a person using smartphone. — 

iOS 18, the in-the-pipeline latest update to the iOS, has long been the talk of the valley for a while now for various reasons. 

Reportedly, not only will the upcoming iOS update capture limelight as an enhanced and a better version of all the previously released iOS updates, but will also carry a substantial spate of exciting AI-powered features set to transform the way iPhones function. 

Apart from countless online rumours about the new AI-backed features on iOS 18 that have occupied considerable attention, what further corroborates this rumour is the take of Tim Cook, Apple CEO, who the past couple of weeks has confirmed so many times that the company is working on generative AI features.

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Adding to the already mounted toll of rumours, a recent report claims that iPhone and iPad users will be able to summarise long text messages using AI. 

Text message summarisation on iOS 18

According to 9to5Mac, Apple’s generative AI will have the ability to summarise long texts. Citing sources, it says the AI can detect “all available relevant information,” such as companies, people, and locations mentioned in the text.

“For instance, if a name appears at the top of a text, the software will likely recognise the name as belonging to the text’s author,” the report says. 

The summarisation feature is said to have the capability to utilise data from Safari and Messages, and may also be compatible with various text fields and digital documents.

In the iOS 17.4 code, evidence of a new framework called "SiriSummarisation" was also discovered. Moreover, a previous leak also suggested the existence of a new "Safari Browsing Assistant" feature in iOS 18.

Apple has been working on developing its own offline language model, while also in discussions with OpenAI and Google to potentially license their technologies for iOS 18. The summarisation feature for Safari and Messages will operate entirely offline with the help of Apple's Ajax language model.