iOS 18 to offer call recording, call transcripts under iPhone's Phone app

Now there's no more requirement of a third party app for recording a call
An undated image of an Apple iPhone. — Pexels
An undated image of an Apple iPhone. — Pexels

Call recording is coming to Apple with iOS 18 which comes out later this fall. The feature can record calls directly from a built-in app and generate the transcripts on command.

While iPhone users previously had to use a third-party app for recording their calls, now with the release of iOS 18, Apple is integrating this feature directly into the system to ensure users’ privacy over data handling.

Although the App Store has different options for recording phone calls on iPhone, they all come with a bit complicated process.

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How to record calls on iPhone with iOS 18

  1. When you’re on a call in iOS 18, you’ll see an option to start recording.
  2. Clicking that button will immediately notify the person you’re talking to that they’re being recorded.
  3. The screen will also show the duration of the call recording, and once it’s complete, you can save the transcript for later reference.
  4. These call transcripts are saved on the Apple Notes app and you can store or delete them according to the need.
  5. On compatible devices like iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, Notes will provide an AI-generated summary of the transcripts.
  6. Additionally, on the launch of iOS 18, this feature will be available in selected languages and countries.

These include English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and Portuguese in some regions.