iOS 18: Top 7 cool NEW features that are almost confirmed

With WWDC 2024 on the horizon, the tech community is buzzing about iOS 18, touted as one of Apple's most groundbreaking updates
The image shows iPhone 15 mockups. — Unsplash
The image shows iPhone 15 mockups. — Unsplash

With WWDC 2024 on the horizon, the tech community is buzzing about iOS 18, touted as one of Apple's most groundbreaking updates since the launch of the original iPhone.

iOS 18 features

Here's my take on what this update might bring, based on leaks, reports, and some official teasers:

RCS joins the party, but iMessage distinction remains

Apple's nod to RCS messaging in 2024, likely a feature of iOS 18, hints at easier interactions with Android users. Expect enhanced group messaging and media sharing. However, unique iMessage features like Memoji and message editing aren't going anywhere, maintaining the iOS messaging identity.

AI's triple play

Tim Cook's already dropped hints about AI being a big focus in 2024. iOS 18 is set to take this to new heights with a slew of AI-driven features. While there's speculation about ChatGPT-like elements, Apple seems more inclined towards enhancing existing features with an AI twist.

External AI brains

Apple's reportedly flirting with the idea of partnering with big AI players like OpenAI and Google, aiming to integrate third-party AI chatbots into the iPhone ecosystem. This strategy could infuse iOS with advanced AI capabilities without the heavy lifting of server maintenance or ethical quandaries.

Home Screen's extreme makeover

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg suspects iOS 18 will finally allow users to customize their Home Screen layout. This long-awaited feature will enable Apple enthusiasts to arrange icons with newfound freedom, potentially creating a user experience that rivals Android’s flexibility.

Freeform App's new chapter

There's talk about a major update to the Freeform app, including a feature called “Freeform Scenes”. This would offer enhanced board navigation and collaborative possibilities, aligning with Apple's push for more interactive and user-friendly interfaces.

Apple ID's identity shift

The Apple ID might undergo a rebranding to "Apple Account." Though the reasons remain speculative, such a change could align more coherently with Apple’s broader business strategy.

Emoji expansion

Later in the iOS 18 lifecycle, we can expect a fresh batch of emojis. While the specifics are under wraps, Emojipedia’s summer preview will give us a sneak peek. Apple has a track record of keeping their emoji game strong, so this should be interesting.

In conclusion, iOS 18 is shaping up to be a package full of surprises and much-awaited enhancements. While we wait for more concrete details, these leaks and predictions paint a picture of an operating system that's not just evolving — it's leaping forward.