iOS 18 update: Apple’s Weather app gets significant changes

Weather app will simultaneously display feels like temperature and actual temperature
A representational image of Weather app. — Freepik
A representational image of Weather app. — Freepik

iOS 18 is set to introduce a host of significant changes to iPhone's built-in apps. Among them, the Weather app stands out with several striking features, the most notable being two new additions:

Feels like temperature

Traditionally, iPhones prompt users to choose between viewing the actual temperature or the "feels like" temperature. In iOS 18, the Weather app will display both simultaneously in a visually enhanced manner.

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Previously, the app displayed only the actual temperature at the top. Now, in iOS 18, the actual temperature is showcased in a larger font, with the "feels like" temperature below it in a smaller font and vibrant colours.

Additionally, the app will default to showing the "feels like" temperature when there is a significant difference between the two readings.

Home and work locations

The second feature enhances the Weather app's functionality by incorporating home and work locations. Leveraging data from Apple Maps and the Contacts app, iOS 18 seamlessly integrates your home and work addresses into the Weather app.

These addresses will appear as convenient, easily accessible locations within the app, ensuring you can quickly check the weather for your key locations without hassle.

These subtle yet impactful changes in iOS 18 promise to enhance user experience and convenience across the board.