iOS 18 Wallet app updates: Tap to cash, rewards payments, and event guides

These latest features would assist in managing payments and guides for tickets
An undated image of iOS features. — Apple
An undated image of iOS features. — Apple

iOS 18 has introduced significant modifications to the Wallet app. The first assists you in paying back friends in multiple ways, and the second offers extensive information on storing digital tickets. Both of these changes will be released with iOS 18 in the autumn. Additionally, a third feature will introduce new payment methods to your iPhone's digital wallet.

Tap to Cash

The updated Wallet app includes a Tap to Cash feature, enabling you to transfer payments to another person by simply placing your phone close to theirs. This feature ensures utmost security with Face ID, passcode, and Touch ID.

This feature is also included in watchOS 11, allowing payment transactions via smartwatches. Users of the iOS 18 developer beta have noted that a Tap to Cash control is available in the revamped Control Centre, enabling quicker transfers.

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Paying with rewards

The Wallet app is gaining more support for payment transfers by redeeming points through Apple Pay. This feature depends on whether your bank or card provider participates in rewards programmes via Apple Pay. Additionally, the iOS 18 Wallet app allows you to access detailed information on instalments from your bank.

Event guides

The Wallet app is renowned for its numerous compelling features, including Event Guides. This feature stores online tickets, boarding passes, and more. The stored tickets in the Wallet app include a guide, in partnership with Apple, which provides details about the venue and features a map.

These updates make the Wallet app even more versatile and user-friendly, enhancing the overall iOS experience.