iPad Pro 2024 addresses heat dissipation with improved internal structure

John Ternus says new iPad Pro comes with a new metal cover set atop logic board, or cowling, as he describes it
An undated image of the new M4 iPad Pro. — Apple
An undated image of the new M4 iPad Pro. — Apple

The recently rolled out iPad Pro, or M4 iPad Pro, is the thinnest gadget Apple ever designed.

What simply validates the above statement is the fact that the 13-inch model of the latest iPad Pro is just 5.1mm thick, discounting the camera bump which might add to the thickness if counted. Meanwhile, the 2024 11-inch iPad Pro comes with a thickness of 5.3mm.

Last time it receiving an update almost six years back, the company was dragged into a controversy based on claims that the iPad could easily be bent with some coming bent when even when bought new. 

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Reason being the ultra-thin build of the gadget, one might recall that controversary and question the iPad Pro's durability; however, Apple SVP John Ternus addressed these concerns in an interview. 

He reassured that the new iPad Pro carries a meticulously redesigned internal structure intended to revamp the device’s rigidity. While expressing gratitude to Apple Silicon and Apple’s hardware engineering, he claimed that no compromises have been made for the ultra-thin design of the M4 iPad Pro.

To instill unbreakable strength in the iPad Pro, there's is a new metal cover set atop the logic board, or cowling, as Ternus described it, which run down the middle of the device, giving a visual impression of a rib.

This change, Ternus claims, “tremendously improves the stiffness of the product,” as well as plays a key role in setting aside the heat up problem.

When will the new iPad Pro be in stores

The M4 iPad Pro has been put on sale now in stores, with first shipments expected on May 15.