iPhone 15 Pro review: Redefining power in a smaller form

iPhone 15 Pro, while overshadowed by its larger sibling, stands out as an excellent option for those seeking a powerful yet compact smartphone
The image shows the iPhone 15 pro. — Freepik
The image shows the iPhone 15 pro. — Freepik

Apple's recent launch of the iPhone 15 lineup marks a notable leap in their smartphone evolution, especially with the iPhone 15 Pro, which has garnered much appreciation for its thoughtful design tweaks and enhanced capabilities.

Despite the most impressive upgrades being reserved for the larger iPhone 15 Pro Max, the standard iPhone 15 Pro holds its ground with robust features suitable for those preferring a more manageable size.

One month with the iPhone 15 Pro

After a month, the iPhone 15 Pro has proven its mettle. Early hiccups like overheating have largely settled, making way for a steady and reliable performance. The switch to a titanium build is a standout improvement, offering a lighter, more ergonomic experience, especially appreciated in extended use. 

The introduction of the Action button has added a practical aspect to the phone’s design, though the potential for assigning multiple functions to this button remains untapped.

Camera performance:

The camera system, although not as advanced as the Pro Max variant, still impresses with its enhanced Smart HDR 5, yielding more natural and accurate imagery. The transition to USB-C, while a welcome change, hasn't impacted charging speeds, which remains an area for potential improvement.

Six months of usage

Even half a year later, the iPhone 15 Pro continues to excel as a primary device. Its compact design is especially appealing for users who prefer a smaller phone. The Action button remains a frequently used feature, and while its location might be debated, its utility is unquestioned.

Design and material:

Apple’s choice of titanium over stainless steel has significantly enhanced the iPhone 15 Pro's appeal, offering both a lightweight feel and a more comfortable grip.

Software and performance:

Equipped with the A17 Pro chip, the iPhone 15 Pro delivers top-notch performance. Coupled with iOS 17, the phone handles a wide array of tasks seamlessly, from social media browsing to intensive gaming, without any lag or stuttering.

Camera insights:

Though lacking the advanced telephoto lens of the Pro Max version, the iPhone 15 Pro's camera system impresses with its 24MP main shooter and Auto Portrait feature. The image processing has seen noticeable improvements, offering more lifelike colors and detail.

Battery life:

While there's a slight increase in battery capacity compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 15 Pro doesn't show a significant improvement in endurance. The battery life remains sufficient for average daily use, though intensive tasks can drain it more quickly.

Charging and connectivity:

The switch to USB-C is a major plus, offering convenience in charging and data transfer. However, the charging speed remains unchanged, which is somewhat disappointing when compared to the faster charging capabilities of some competitors.

Final verdict

The iPhone 15 Pro, while overshadowed by its larger sibling, stands out as an excellent option for those seeking a powerful yet compact smartphone. Its design improvements, particularly the use of titanium and the innovative Action button, enhance user experience significantly. Camera performance and software efficiency are also strong points. However, areas like charging speed and battery endurance present opportunities for future enhancement. 

Overall, the iPhone 15 Pro is a commendable choice for users looking for a high-performing, manageable-sized iPhone.