iPhone 16: Rumours hint at RAM, storage boost to back on-device AI

A prolific tipster claims that either more RAM or more built-in storage will be offered on the iPhone 16, or maybe both
An undated image of an iPhone. — Pexels
An undated image of an iPhone. — Pexels

Why talk about the specifications when even its debut's timeframe is not in sight, but what's stirring the blend of optimistic and pessimistic talk around the not-in-sight iPhone 16 is long emerging rumours and claims by the prolific tipsters.

From among a spate of leaks and reports surfacing, a most recent one suggests that the iPhone 16 will likely see a boost in its memory compartment, meaning that the handset will feature more RAM and internal storage to serve as a catalyst to power up the AI features.

As of now, the iPhone 15 Pro models feature 8 GB RAM with rest of the lineup's variants packing only 6GB of RAM to ensure swift functionality of the artificial intelligence (AI) features. 

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The rumour has been brought to light by Tech_Reve, a prolific speculator, on X, formerly known as Twitter, where he claimed that either more RAM or more built-in storage will be offered on the iPhone 16, while the probability of both still looms in the air. The tipster said that more RAM and storage will be of significant aid for the company to ignite the on-device AI features.

What hand the iPhone maker a different baton of calibre is the use of NAND flash-based storage on iPhone, as Apple is the only smartphone manufacturer across the globe who's utilising this storage technology, which negates the possibility of any kind of lags that hinder device performance.

Whatsoever, the leak raises our hopes of seeing the iPhone 16 series, or at least the Pro models only, with a whopping 256GB storage this year.

What validates this rumour is the recent announcement by Google regarding the Pixel 8 phone, wherein the search giant said that the smartphone's hardware is not compatible to support Gemini Nano on-device. Given that, Apple is more likely to strike the iPhone 16 series with RAM enhancement if not with the device storage to enable efficient performance of the on-device AI features.

Earlier leaks have been hinting at the ongoing talks between Apple and Google, with Apple seeking to integrate Google Gemini in iPhones, or at least those running on iOS 16 and above.