iPhone call recording iOS 18: All you need to know

Call recording feature on iOS 18 can be invoked right after a user makes or attends a call
An undated image of call recording. — Pixabay
An undated image of call recording. — Pixabay

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2024), the long-dragged tech event, a wonderland for tech savvies, has surely proven the biggest hot topic of the days.

One of the very obvious reasons that made it grab headlines is the feature-rich announcements of iOS 18, Apple's top-of-the-line iOS update which encompasses all iPhone users are normally found in pursuit of. 

To the delight of iPhone user, but not all (as the latest iOS update is not supported on all iPhone variants), the determinant of iOS 18's success is the call recording feature. 

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Call recording, live call transcribing on iPhone 

Debuting on the new version of iOS, the call recording feature accompanies various other facilities surrounding its functionality. These include a new search interface for call history, autofill for entering phone numbers, simplified switching between SIM cards, and at last.

The feature can be invoked right after a user makes or attends a call, and all of this phenomenon remain end-to-end encrypted for being the top priority of Apple.

And as we mentioned above, the iPhone maker is also considerate of others' consent and knowledge about having a tapped telephonic conversation, meaning that all the participants of the call are immediately informed that the call is being recorded.

What sets this call recording feature on iOS 18 apart is that user can also have a transcript of the call saved on their device, which it achieves by leveraging Apple Intelligence, a comprehensive artificial intelligence suite deeply rooted into the iOS 18 and several other latest software updates of Apple.

Not stopping there, the call recording feature also creates a summary of the call containing all the key points discussed during the call. 

iOS 18 public beta release date

The public beta of iOS 18 is expected to be released in July 2024, based on follows Apple's typical schedule, offering a public beta phase shortly after the initial developer beta, which just has been announced during the WWDC 2024.