iPhone Home Screen icons could be customised on iOS 18

iOS 18 is slated to debut at Apple's annual developers conference WWDC which will kick off in June
An undated image displaying iPhones home screen. — Unsplash
An undated image displaying iPhone's home screen. — Unsplash

Customising iPhone's Home Screen app icons is not something users had access to a while back, and this lack of control over the display elements led to iPhone users demanding it.

However, the emergence of iOS 18 discloses the bright side of the picture, as it is said to allow users to have extensive control over how iPhone's Home Screen app icons should appear for them, meaning that iPhone users can now customise Home Screen icons.

According to MacRumors, the Home Screen app icons, apparently, might be resting under an undisclosed grid, which is a measure taken to ensure there is alignment between display elements. Nevertheless, iOS 18 is likely to allow users to arrange app icons as well as enable them to create blank spaces, rows, and columns between app icons. 

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This development was first deliberated on by Mark Gurman, a tech reported of Bloomberg with a track record of revealing accurate insights, who, earlier claimed that a "more customisable" Home Screen will soon be offered to iPhone starting from iOS 18.

Although the ability to arrange Home Screen app icons and create blank app icons is still attainable using third-party apps such as Shortcuts and Widgetsmith, however, iPhone's native capability of doing so would be more convenient and won't require the installation of any apps or tools.

Similarly, customising app icons has been more of a conventional feature on the iPhone since the release of iOS 16. What sets iOS 18 apart is that it would accompany a range of other icon-customisation features, which might make it the biggest Home Screen enhancement in several years.

The iPhone's software update is slated to debut at Apple's annual developers conference WWDC to be kicked off in June. Alongside Home Screen arrangement, other features tipped to make their way into the iPhone include new generative AI functionality for Siri and multiple apps, RCS support in the Messages app for improved messaging between iPhones and Android devices, design changes, and more.