iPhone users scared of deleted photo resurrection

iOS 17.5 update brings a glitch with it that users are worried about
An undated image of iCloud on iPhone. — Getty images
An undated image of iCloud on iPhone. — Getty images

A recent update to Apple's iOS software is causing a glitch for iPhone users as they reported an issue about photos that were previously deleted reappearing in their galleries, raising privacy concerns.

According to some reports, iPhone users detailing how long-deleted photos — some dating back years – have materialised in their recent uploads on iCloud. These photos were even marked as "newly added," further amplifying the confusion.

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One user described the unsettling experience of seeing intimate photos, deleted years ago while attempting to share a different image. Others reported a similar phenomenon with photos from as far back as 2010, reappearing despite repeated deletion attempts.

This glitch has understandably affected the users’ trust in Apple's data deletion practices. The question on everyone's mind is coming if deleted photos aren't truly gone, what other data might still be lurking on iPhones and iPads?

Experts said that the problem isn't hackers attacking Apple. It's more likely a glitch where Apple's photo storage, iCloud, is not working on iPhones properly. Deleted photos might not have been fully removed from cloud storage, causing them to resurface on devices after the update.

However, this theory doesn't explain why photos deleted years ago are reappearing. This incident adds to a growing list of user frustrations, including recent problems with iPhone alarm clocks that are not going off. Apple is under pressure to address these issues promptly and restore user confidence in the security and reliability of their products.