Is Apple testing a ChatGPT-like AI tool? Discover now

Ask is a tool that can automatically generate responses to technical inquiries from customers
The image displays AI. — Unsplash/file

The image displays AI. — Unsplash/file

Rumours have secured the spotlight on the internet, saying that the tech giant Apple is internally testing a new generative AI called Ask.

The tool — provided to select AppleCare support advisors who are entrusted to thoroughly conduct testing on the app — might battole with OpenAI's Chat GPT.

"Ask" is a tool that can automatically generate responses to technical inquiries from customers, as reported by MacRumors. Advisors can then relay this information to customers during online chats or over the phone.

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"Ask" works by providing relevant information from Apple's internal knowledge base in response to a query, and advisors can rate the answers as "helpful" or "unhelpful." They can also ask up to five follow-up questions on a given topic. Apple has plans to expand the tool to more advisors in the future, following feedback collection.

Apple encourages advisors to use "Ask" before resorting to traditional search methods or consulting senior advisors for information. The company states that the tool is particularly useful for addressing complex or unfamiliar issues. As the tool is connected to Apple's internal knowledge base, the company ensures that the responses are accurate, traceable, and valuable.

An example of a query that "Ask" can respond to: "A customer is unable to update their device to iOS 13.7. What can be done?"

Apple is anticipated to integrate generative AI extensively this year. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, iOS 18 will feature numerous new generative AI capabilities in Siri, Spotlight, Messages, Health, Numbers, Pages, Keynote, and other areas.

Gurman also revealed that AppleCare will utilise generative AI to enhance customer support, providing the first public insights into Apple's internal "Ask" tool. During an earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned that the company is developing generative AI and will disclose more information "later this year."