ChatGPT not working today

14% said they had problems accessing OpenAI website
An undated image of ChatGPT. — Freepik
An undated image of ChatGPT. — Freepik

In a series of disturbing developments in the technology sphere, popular generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool ChatGPT is reportedly not responding.

OpenAI, the developer behind ChatGPT, has not acknowledged any disruptions triggering an irresponsive behaviour to its AI chatbot. However, according to Downdetector — the website which tracks outages on website and other internet services — reports from users facing problem on ChatGPT began skyrocketing around 1:00 AM PDT.

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Is ChatGPT down right now

The blackout was later acknowledged by the company, as an OpenAI a support page wrote, “ChatGPT is unavailable for some users." “Identified the issue and mitigating," the same support added on 1:32 AM PDT.

Similarly, thousands of users also took to commonly used social media platforms like Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) to verify whether ChatGPT was under a large scale blackout or they were the only one having issues with the AI service.

As of now, the OpenAI-owned AI tool is not working for manty user across the globe. However, with company's acknowledgement of the service failure and appropriate measures seemingly being taken, it appears that ChatGPT will be working fine soon.

Chat GPT bad gateway

Given the complaints being lodged on some prominent platforms that raise public woes, some users are also claiming that the OpenAI's virtual assistant is giving bad gateway in response to user's queries.

What is bad gateway 502

The bad gateway, reportedly being encountered by ChatGPT users, is a HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server error response code which indicates that there is some kind of miscommunication between two web servers of a website.