Is Ghost of Tsushima Legends cross platform: Here's the answer

Kensei Armor, Tadayori’s Armor, Sakai Clan Armor, Ghost Armor, and Gosaku’s Armor are five best armors in Ghost of Tsushima
An undated image displaying the preview of Ghost of Tsushima. — Sucker Punch Productions
An undated image displaying the preview of Ghost of Tsushima. — Sucker Punch Productions

Before talking at length at the rootcause of a backlash being faced by Ghost of Tsushima Legends, let's be clear that it is a co-op multiplayer game that can be played cross-platform which is compatible with all the hardware variations found between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

Ghost Of Tsushima draws public ire

Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC announced a while back that it would require Helldivers 2 players on PC to build a connection between their PSN accounts and Steam in order to keep playing the game.

Various PC gamers were found dissatisfied for creating a PSN account since they don’t own a PlayStation, or maybe because they lived in one of 177 different countries where it's very unlikely to do so. This led to Sony walking the talk it discarded following the bad word of mouth equally by players, netizens and media.

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Nevertheless, the drowning image has sunk. What conforms to this is a flood of negative review on Steam very shortly after the Ghost Of Tsushima released on Steam today, one of the best PlayStation 4 games ever made. The blowback by players appears to have no involvement with the gameplay or its performance on Steam.

Surprisingly, the negative reaction is mostly aimed at the PSN requirement. Draw yourself a comparison of it with Helldivers 2, wherein Sony made the game PSN-free for several months.

Since it came into being, Ghost Of Tsushima had it clarified that the PSN was only required for the multiplayer co-op mode of the game and the PlayStation overlay, indicating that the ability was intact to play the entire single-player campaign—the vast bulk of the game—without a PSN account linked to your Steam account. 

Best armor in Ghost of Tsushima

The following are the best armors you can opt for in your Ghost of Tsushima to stand tall against any kind of opponent.

  1. Kensei Armor
  2. Tadayori’s Armor
  3. Sakai Clan Armor
  4. Ghost Armor
  5. Gosaku’s Armor