Is the iPhone Flip being scrapped? Analysts say yes, but not all is lost

Reportedly, Apple is exploring two distinct foldable phone designs, possibly including both flip and book-style models
The image shows the Apple logo. — Pexels
The image shows the Apple logo. — Pexels

Concerns are mounting among experts about the potential cancellation of Apple's iPhone Flip, despite the company's ongoing efforts in its development.

A recent DigiTimes article highlights a growing scepticism among some analysts regarding the debut of Apple's foldable iPhone. This uncertainty stems from reports suggesting a launch delay from Q4 of 2026 to Q1 of 2027, a seemingly minor three-month shift that has nevertheless raised doubts. These analysts fear Apple might abandon the foldable project due to challenges with display quality.

Despite these concerns, DigiTimes also reports that Apple is exploring two distinct foldable phone designs, possibly including both flip and book-style models. Interestingly, it's rumoured that some of the team members who worked on the Vision Pro headset have been reassigned to the foldable phone project at Apple's headquarters.

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In addition to these internal shifts, Apple is reportedly in talks with LG and Samsung's display divisions to develop a flexible display for the foldable iPhone. This display is expected to feature a less noticeable crease and anti-reflective properties. While the fruition of these efforts may take time, the iPhone Flip project doesn't seem to be off the table yet.

The recent cancellation of the long-rumoured Apple Car project, after a decade of speculation, has likely made analysts more cautious. This development could suggest that Apple might be steering clear of more experimental ventures following the release of the Vision Pro. 

Nevertheless, the iPhone Flip falls within a more familiar territory for Apple, aligning with its existing product ecosystem. Apple's suppliers are already involved in creating some of the market's leading foldable phones.

Whether the iPhone Flip is a distant reality or closer than anticipated, staying informed about its progress is possible through various dedicated iPhone Flip news hubs. Additionally, for those interested in Apple's broader smartphone innovations, upcoming models like the iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Pro, iPhone 16 Pro Max, and iPhone SE 4 are also worth keeping an eye on.