Is Vision Pro better than Meta Quest 3? Here's the true faceoff

There has erupted a debate on internet between supporters of the Vision Pro and those of Quest 3
An undated image of a VR headset. — Pixabay
An undated image of a VR headset. — Pixabay

Although Meta’s Quest 3 VR costs almost peanuts in front of Apple’s Vision Pro that generated a buzz around itself during past few weeks, yet it's more capable of handling some immersive chores than the latter one without grabbing headlines.

Given that, there has erupted a heated debate on internet on this subject, with supporters of the Vision Pro clashing with Quest 3 lovers. The latter argue that Meta's widely favoured, budget-friendly device remains superior, offering comparable quality at a low cost.

We'll only delve into three different aspects that cover almost everything required to assess the capabilities of these gadgets.

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Comparison of Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3

VR Gaming on Vision Pro vs Quest 3

Meta has been dominating the VR gaming market with its bestselling headsets, particularly the Quest series. They have invested heavily in the VR industry, encouraging developers to create games for the Quest platform. The Quest 3 is backward compatible, allowing it to run games from previous Quest models, providing a wide range of gaming options.

In contrast, the Vision Pro has a limited selection of VR games, with the option to play iPad games in large flat windows and access the Apple Arcade library.

Display and optics

Some users are unhappy with the smaller than expected field of view (FoV) in the Vision Pro VR headset. Although we humans have a wide visual range, but the central 60 degrees are most important for detailed vision. 

A wider FoV is ideal for a better sense of immersion in a virtual world. The Quest 3 has a horizontal FoV of 110 degrees, while some reviewers have noticed a black border around the display in the Vision Pro. With these facts backing up Meta's Quest 3, it can be said that Quest 3 has a better FoV.

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3: Cost and value

The Meta Quest 3 is significantly cheaper than the Vision Pro, making it more accessible to the masses. Despite its lower price, the Quest 3 is considered the best VR headset ever made by the leading VR manufacturer. 

While the Vision Pro breaks your bank a $3,500 price tag with the Quest 3 not even taking a toll on you wallet for its $500 price, both headsets can handle similar tasks such as browsing, watching videos, and connecting to other devices. Additionally, they both support 3D movies and gaming with a controller.