Is Xbox cloud gaming app for iOS coming: Here's the answer

Microsoft plans to continue working with regulators to create a space for alternative storefronts
An undated image of an Xbox controller. — Unsplash
An undated image of an Xbox controller. — Unsplash

Microsoft on Thursday announced that, for the time being, it does not have on the list the development of an Xbox Cloud Gaming app for iOS.

The announcement came to light by Phil Spencer, Microsoft Gaming CEO, who said Microsoft does not plan to bring an Xbox Cloud Gaming app at the moment as there is no opportunity of monetisation in sight, Mac Rumors reported while citing a report by The Verge.

While reflecting on whether recent changes — brought to the ecosystem of Apple's App Store in the European Union (EU) — make any "room" for Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS, he pointed at monitisation to be the issue that drove the decision. 

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Moreover, he also attributed Microsoft's decision to the new rules implemented in the EU, saying that the Digital Markets Act (DMA) forcing Apple's updates does not "go far enough to open up competition."

CEO of Microsoft's gaming wing noted that previous remarks made by the Xbox President Sarah Bond last month were "right on," when she termed Apple's policy a "step in the wrong direction."

However, the Redmond-based tech giant plans to resume working with regulators to "create a space for alternative storefronts."

The DMA in EU makes it mandatory for Apple to let alternative app marketplaces and payment methods get established, in response to which the iPhone maker is charging a 0.50 euros per user fee to the developers who would willingly opt to use an alternative app marketplaces as part of Apple's new business regulations.

Spotify and Epic Games have expressed disapproval of Apple's handling of the DMA's regulations. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said that Apple's plan is a "complete and total farce," while Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said Apple's new business regulations are a "devious new instance of malicious compliance."

In addition to the alterations in the European Union due to the DMA, Apple has also modified its App Store guidelines for cloud gaming apps. Apple now permits streaming game apps on the ‌App Store‌ globally, allowing these apps to provide a variety of games within a single app. Previously, cloud gaming services were only accessible through a web interface.