Is YouTube Studio Down?

Netizens' outcry freshly emerged on internet suggests that some Google services are down
An undated image of YouTube logo. — Pixabay
An undated image of YouTube logo. — Pixabay

Similar to the many services from the top tech companies falling prey to severe breakdowns over the past few months, netizens' outcry freshly emerged on the internet suggests that YouTube Studio is down among various other Google services for the past few hours.

YouTube Studio down

YouTube Studio users reported that they kept getting redirected to every time they tried to visit as of 1 p.m. PT. This, users added, occurred as part of a continuous loop seeming not to stop.

Atop YouTube Studio not working for them, users also claimed that that they had to close the browser tab for the said Google service, otherwise, it kept reloading over and over again.

YouTube Studio not working

Shortly after the outage, YouTube acknowledged the following problems:

  • Studio stuck in loading
  • Error messages
  • YouTube Analytics or other parts of Studio might not be accessible or have accurate information
  • Not able to start a livestream

Google Workspace down, reportedly

Moreover, in light of reports surfacing on the internet regarding other Google services, it appears that Google Workspace, YouTube Music and TV are also not working.

“Multiple Workspace products are experiencing elevated error rates and latency,” Google reports.

Google acknowledged issues with its services listed below.

  • Google Chat users may experience high latency, unable to load chat, open chat rooms, or send messages.
  • Some Google Meet users are having issues joining the meetings.
  • Some Google Drive users are experiencing elevated latencies and error rates
  • Some Google Docs users are experiencing issues where they see “Name loading” in comments.