Jeli introduces AI for incident report understanding

It wants to streamline incident management
A representational imgae. — Canva
A representational imgae. — Canva

Jeli, a company focusing on incident tracking and analysis, has taken a substantial leap forward by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its platform. The move aims to streamline incident management by offering users a more user-friendly and systematic approach during and after significant system interruptions.

Nora Jones, CEO and founder of Jeli, stressed the natural development of this enhancement. With a focus on assisting human understanding in crisis circumstances, Jeli acknowledged the potential of generative AI to aid incident comprehension.

The undertaking initially revolves around a 'Catch Me Up' feature, which abridges lengthy incident conversations into succinct summaries. This ability proves priceless in circumstances where incidents occur over prolonged durations, saving involved individuals time and effort.

Additionally, Jeli rolls out narrative markers created by AI. These markers map key points in the incident chronology, such as identification, examination, and rectification phases.

By offering a guided trajectory through the event's advancement, the platform enables users to identify irregularities and gain in-depth insights. 

The technology is fueled by OpenAI's Application Programming Interface (API), primarily utilizing ChatGPT with customised enhancements for incident management.

Jones stresses the importance of confirmable precision, ensuring the AI-generated content is grounded in factual verified information. The tool exhibits its sources, allowing human involvement to authenticate and improve the generated information.