Future of cars: Koenigsegg's incredible dark matter electric motor power

It's made from super light and strong carbon fiber
An undated picture of a dark matter electric motor. — MotorTrend
An undated picture of a dark matter electric motor. — MotorTrend

Swedish luxury car maker Koenigsegg is making waves once again in the world of cars. They've just introduced something super exciting — a new kind of electric motor called the Dark Matter "Raxial Flux" motor. It's going to power their Gemera hybrid hypercar. Now, this motor isn't like the regular ones one finds in cars. It's made from super light and strong carbon fibre, and it's seriously tiny, weighing only 86 pounds. But don't let its size fool you - it can put out a whopping 800 horsepower and 922 lb-ft of torque.

The person behind all this cool stuff is Christian von Koenigsegg, the founder of the company. He's been working on this motor that's like a mix of two types of motors — axial and radial flux. It's got this special magnetic field going on that makes it look kind of chubby axial and tall radial at the same time. Imagine it as a blend of two superpowers.

What's also super cool is that they've made this motor using a fancy carbon fibre material. Usually, motors have lots of metal inside, but Koenigsegg decided to go high-tech with carbon fibre for the inside parts. And guess what? It's a big deal because no one else has done it before.

Even though it's a high-tech motor, it's not all about crazy speed. This motor doesn't spin super fast like you might expect. It's more like a moderate-speed kind of motor, kind of like the regular engines in cars. But it's all good because this motor isn't meant to be the main power - it's more like a helper for when you need an extra boost.

One last thing that's worth mentioning is the way they've wired up this motor. It's got something called a six-phase winding, which makes it deliver power more smoothly. They've even made a special box to control it, and they gave it a name — David. This box is smart and can handle a lot of power without weighing too much.

The Gemera hypercar, where this motor is going to be, is going to be pretty special too. It's got a fancy setup where the Dark Matter motor works together with a V-8 engine to give the car power. And get this — all four wheels get power from these two engines, making the car super quick.

So, in the world of cars, Koenigsegg is making a big splash with their Dark Matter motor, showing off how cool and powerful electric motors can be. The Gemera hypercar is going to be a head-turner for sure, with this super high-tech motor and a hefty price tag of $2.6 million.