League of Legends revamps heroes with more buffs in patch 13.22 notes

Within the freshly developed patch 13.22, discover the best champions you can play with in League of Legends
An undated image displays the Logo of League of Legends. — leagueoflegends
An undated image displays the Logo of League of Legends. — leagueoflegends

As the League of Legends (LOL) has been changing and evolving since its release, and with new patch notes coming out every couple of weeks, it's important to stay on top of these changes.

Whether you're a pro-tier solo queue player or just like to play around and try out new things, it would be better to stay tuned with the updates being integrated into the game.

Since the list of all disclosed patch notes of the League of Legends stretches astonishingly, we will only be talking about the characters falling into the category of Buffs (special status given to heroes with improved skills) and Nerfs (special status given to heroes with weakened skills), and not about those counted among adjusted ones.

Let us not beat around the bush and hand you the officially announced patch notes so you can just get on with your game.

League of Legends patch notes

The lists added below comprise the characters’ names followed by the changes made to their powers, attack speeds, lives, and endurance.

Buffed heroes

  • Ahri: Adjusted areas include basic attack speed and attack windup.
  • Annivia: Base attack speed is increased
  • Annie: Attack speed is increased.
  • Brand: Passive deals more damage against monsters. E damage is increased. This change will benefit him in the mid and support role, too.
  • Cassiopeia: Her base attack speed is increased.
  • Dr Mundo: E bonus damage is increased. This will benefit him in multiple roles.
  • Gragas: Gragas’ E cooldown refund is changed. His Ultimate is also faster now.
  • Karthus: Base attack missile speed increased.
  • Leblanc: Base attack speed(s) are adjusted.
  • Lisandra: Her attack speed growth is increased.
  • Neeko: Base attack speed windup is increased.
  • Ziggs: He has received some attack speed buffs, but lost some base armor.
  • Zilean: His base attack speed has increased, and the missile speed has increased too.

Nerfed heroes

  • Briar: Her Q damage is adjusted. Briar’s Ultimate damage is also reduced.
  • Graves: Quickdraw bonus armour per stack is reduced.
  • Kassadin: E and Ultimate AP ratios are both down.
  • Nilah: Q attack speed reduced. The ultimate bonus AD ratio per tick is also reduced.
  • Senna: Q damage and healing are both reduced.
  • Tahm Kench: The Passive health ratio is reduced.