Leaks unveil the power of Google Pixel 9 series

Benchmark scores increase by 16-34% as the Tensor G4 takes over
An undated image of a Google Pixel. – Unsplash
An undated image of a Google Pixel. – Unsplash 

Last month, the design of Google’s upcoming Pixel 9 series was leaked by a Russian website. The leaks suggest that the series will feature three variants at its fall launch event, including a brand-new addition, the Pixel 9 Pro XL.

Now, fresh data from Rozetked reports on the Tensor G4, the chipset powering all these new devices. Curiously enough, despite featuring the same chipset, all three devices register a differing AnTuTu benchmark score, the only plausible cause being better heat dissipation in the larger models.

Tensor G4 specifications

Regardless of what may be, here are the scores reported by the site,

HandsetAnTuTu scorePercentage increase
Pixel 8 


Pixel 9 


Pixel 9 Pro 


Pixel 9 Pro XL 


The Tensor G4 is rumoured to house an eight-core structure, a downgrade from its predecessor’s nine cores, however, this is made up for by increased clock speeds in all eight, with the Cortex X4 running at 3.1 GHz, three Cortex A720s at 2.6 GHz and four Cortex A520s at 1.93 GHz.

The AnTuTu benchmark scores certainly do not afford the upcoming Pixel series the stronghold of being the most powerful Android smartphone. Yet, as a pre-released device, new software updates are expected and should help bump the figures slightly.

Moreover, Google’s tailor-made software and hardware power the device, a good package along with the exclusivity of certain artificial intelligence (AI) features for Pixel users.