Lenovo V145 (81MT001EIH): Laptop under Rs 40,000

The laptop also brings an optional AMD Radeon graphics chip to augment gaming performance
An undated image of Lenovo V145 laptop. — Lenovo
An undated image of Lenovo V145 laptop. — Lenovo

Lenovos V145 laptop falls into the category of those laptops that are not so costly, yet they provide specifications for optimum performance even when one is seeking a device for nominal usage purposes.

Furthermore, the characteristic which further amplifies its portability is that it weighs so moderately even after having a screen size of 15.6 inches, which could prove to be crucial when travelling somewhere and good quality is needed.

While being a symbol of the soaring productivity of the company, the Lenovo V145 is an appreciable laptop as its key specifications entail Dual Core A4 OS, 4 GB RAM, a great 1 TB of internal storage, an SD Card Reader, Headphone Jack, two USB 3.0 Slots, Microphone Jack.

The laptop’s bottom half comprises a large one-piece touchpad, a full-sized ergonomic keyboard, and besides it lays a number pad which ensures a convenient typing experience.

Although it comes with a not-so-big amount, it also confers an optional AMD Radeon graphics chip, whose discrete graphics are capable to assist the user while playing games that require subdued and gentle graphics.

The market price of this laptop is around $130 (nearly Rs 38,000 in Pakistan).