LG's T80 earbuds launched: Head tracking feature to enhance your experience

LG Tone Free T80 features a four-mic system to optimise ambient sound modes
An undated image of LG Tone Free T80 earbuds. — LG
An undated image of LG Tone Free T80 earbuds. — LG

LG, a South Korean tech company, unveiled its Tone Free T80 wireless earbuds. It featured an updated design and Dolby Atmos support with Dolby Head Tracking.

Moreover, the company offers a free portable Bluetooth speaker for a limited period. The LG Tone Free 180 true wireless earbuds cost $199, and houses “vibrant bass and enhanced mid- and high-range frequencies,” said the company.

LG claimed that crafted with a reinforced graphene speaker driver helps reduce vibrations to enhance sound, they are compatible with Dolby Atmos content played through a wirelessly connected device.

In addition, the LG Tone Free T80 earbuds sport Dolby Head Tracking so the audio, like a music playlist, podcast, movie, or video game, follows the users as they move their head, always lasting front and centre. The users must be sure to turn Dolby Head Tracking and the audio virtualiser on in the companion LG Tone Free app.

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Moreover, the users will receive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) with the capability to adjust sound accordingly based on their settings. It features a four-mic system to optimise ambient sound modes so even if the users are on a busy street, they can take a call and still hear the person clearly, along with answer a call without puzzling others in a crowded place, like a student centre, by utilising Whisper Mode, which offers the users to silently engage in conversations by speaking softly into the mic of just the right earbud. There is also Conversation Mode for improving vocal clarity.

It’s highly valuable to notice that the T80s aren’t the first wireless earbuds in the Tone Free series to support Dolby technology. The company released the Tone Free T90Q two years age that looked previously like the Apple AirPods Pro.