Level up YouTube searches as Google Lens arrives for on-screen search

Google Lens in YouTube search is not yet broadly launched
An undated image of Google. — Unsplash
An undated image of Google. — Unsplash

YouTube, an American online video-sharing platform, has featured a new Google Lens integration for Android versions. Users who have enabled it will see the Google Lens icon in the top-right corner when opening the full-screen search page.

Google Lens is utilised to specify objects and OCR (optical character recognition) to spotlight text if anything else is not specified.

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For example, when a user clicks an image of an iPhone 13 Mini, the visual search tool returns a “Search YouTube” carousel. Clicking on a result enters that query into YouTube search. Moreover, there’s also an option to “Search on Google”.

Google Lens in YouTube search is not yet broadly launched. However, it appears on all devices signed into the same account. In addition, the Lens icon appears at the top of the search results page.

The feature is also expected to be meant for creators who prefer to utilise creative backgrounds to stand out in the videos without deploying any real-world resources. Google said that it's an experimental feature, results that only particular Shorts creators can access to it.