LG, Meta's XR headset: A Vision Pro competitor on the horizon

LG Electronic officially confirms potential launch of a new extended reality (XR) headset in 2025
A representational image of a VR headset. — Unsplash
A representational image of a VR headset. — Unsplash

Clearing the blurry view of the possibility of a Vision Pro competitor, the CEO of LG Electronic has officially confirmed the rumours of a new extended reality (XR) headset, hinting at a potential launch sometime in 2025.

Considering the rumours that are pointing towards a joint venture it is uncertain whether this XR headset would keep the LG legacy or if it would be a collaboration with another company, like Meta. Nevertheless, the timing is perfect to introduce a competitor to Apple Vision Pro.

Having experience in XR as its most recent VR headset was launched seven years ago, it seems unlikely for LG to suddenly reemerge in this neglected product category as it specialises in TVs and impeccable display technology, as reported by Digital Trends.

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The LG threshold

LG has established itself as a pioneer in screen technology, enabling the development of ultra-bright TVs and transparent displays.

LG's breakthrough in XR displays could allow competitors to battle Apple's Vision Pro, renowned for its exceptionally sharp 4K-per-eye screen resolution.

To add weight to the possibility of a second-generation Meta Quest Pro headset, rumours and leaks have suggested a partnership between LG and Meta as far back as 2022. While Meta’s 2022 Quest Pro didn’t sell well, it was the first attempt at a work-centric VR headset with mixed reality capabilities, also know as XR.

Are LG and Meta collaborating?

Rumours and leaks have indicated a potential collaboration between LG and Meta as early as 2022, adding weight to the speculation of a second-generation Meta Quest Pro headset.

Although the 2022 Quest Pro brought low-selling woes for Meta, it was the first effort to create a VR headset focused on work tasks with mixed reality features, also known as XR.

The ongoing year has already begun witnessing a significant increase in interest in XR. Smart glasses companies such as Xreal and RayNeo are introducing more cost-effective options in response to Apple's entry into the market.

The iPhone maker has renamed its XR headset as a spatial computer, changing the outlook for the Vision Pro.