LG’s QNED TVs: The perfect blend of quantum dots and OLED

Quantum Nano Emitting Diode (QNED) is a new type of display technology
An undated image illustrating three boys watching TV. — Canva
An undated image illustrating three boys watching TV. — Canva

LG has been a leading manufacturer of televisions for years, and their latest Quantum Nano Emitting Diode (QNED) TVs are no exception. These TVs are set to revolutionise how we watch television, with cutting-edge technology and features that will blow your mind.

QNED is a new type of display technology that combines the best of both worlds: the brightness and colour accuracy of quantum dots, and the deep blacks and contrast of OLED.

This technology is set to take the television industry by storm, and LG is leading the charge.

What’s new in 2024?

In January, LG is expected to unveil its 2024 TV line-up at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. While we do not know much about the 2024 TV lineup yet, it will likely feature more of the same from 2023.

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The market expects significant increases in Mini LED dimming zones and slightly higher peak brightness. 2023 saw the first 144Hz TVs hit the market, but hopefully, we will see these improved gaming features trickle down to cheaper models.

LG’s 2024 OLED TVs

According to TechRadar, LG’s OLED TVs in 2024 will have some seriously exciting updates. Although we do not know the official LG OLED TV line-up for 2024 yet, nor do we know what the specific awards were for, this points to some seriously exciting updates coming for LG’s OLEDs.

LG’s 2024 QNED TVs

LG’s 2024 QNED TVs are already FreeSync certified, up to 144Hz VRR over HDMI, up from 120Hz. The LG B4, C4, and G4 models are expected to be released early next year.

These TVs are expected to be significantly better than the LG C4, as they are advertised to use LG’s META 2.0 technology.