Licorne Solar Charger: The best solar battery charger out there?

With a whopping 30000mAh capacity, Licorne Solar Charger is a portable powerhouse boasts an array of features
The image is an illustration of a solar battery charger. — Freepik
The image is an illustration of a solar battery charger. — Freepik

In a world dependent on electronic devices, having a reliable power backup is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Enter the Licorne Solar Charger, a revolutionary solution designed to keep your gadgets charged, no matter where you are. With a whopping 30000mAh capacity, this portable powerhouse boasts an array of features that make it a game-changer in the world of portable chargers.

Licorne Solar Charger features

Massive Capacity

The built-in high-density lithium polymer cells ensure a substantial charge capacity, capable of supporting thousands of charge cycles without compromising on size or weight.

Lightning-Fast Charging

Equipped with QC3.0 fast charging technology at 5V3.1A, this charger can swiftly replenish your device’s battery. Supporting 66W fast charging, it significantly reduces charging time.

Dual USB Outputs and LED Light

Effortlessly charge two smartphones simultaneously or power a tablet at full speed. Additionally, the dual super bright LED lights serve as a flashlight, offering practicality and safety during outdoor adventures.

Durable Build

Crafted from flame-retardant ABS+PC material, the Licorne Solar Charger is tough and drop-resistant. With an IPX67 waterproof rating, it ensures protection against water and dust, making it an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

Solar Charging Capability

Featuring a solar panel for charging on the go, this feature can provide a handy boost to the battery when exposed to sunlight. However, it's essential to note its limitations, as direct sunlight is required, and overheating might occur.

Licorne Solar Charger reviews and insights

The feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive, praising its multiple charging options, excellent battery life, and versatility. The inclusion of various charging cables, wireless charging pads, and multifunctional flashlights, including strobe and SOS modes, has been highlighted as particularly useful.

However, some users have pointed out the limitations of solar charging, emphasising its slower nature and the risk of overheating. Despite these warnings, many have found it to be a reliable backup power source, especially in emergencies or outdoor scenarios.

Users have reported using the Licorne Solar Charger during emergencies, such as power outages and hikes. Its reliability, ease of use, and ability to charge multiple devices have been lauded.


Some users have criticised the actual capacity of the charger, expressing doubts about the advertised 30000mAh. Concerns about the solar charging speed and the potential risk of overheating have been raised as areas for improvement.