Light Phone 3 launched to be compact, pricey, but useful smartphone

Light Phone 3 is equipped with Qualcomm SM 4450 processor, 128GB of storage, and 6GB of RAM, and a fingerprint scanner
An undated image of a light phone. — Light
An undated image of a light phone. — Light

You may not even have heard about some smartphone called Light, as the last iteration of it came around five years back as Light Phone 2.

The handset could'nt muster global, probably local too, acclaim for all it was capable of was very little and nominal, speaking in terms of what users practically look for in a smartphone.

On the Light Phone 2, you could make calls, sent texts, and nothing else useful. Despite that, a big portion of smartphone consumer base found it well for a long time. 

Light Phone III price

Available now for preorder, the Light Phone 3 costs $399, which Tang says will start shipping in January 2025. The co-founder was skeptical view regarding the final price of Light Phone 3. However, the promotional materials of the company suggests the retail price of the Light Phone 3 to be $799, very close to full-fledged smartphone.

Light Phone 3 specs

But now it appears that the company is again up to building a simpler, but more powerful and potent than its predecessor, as it has disclosed the impending launch of Light Phone 3, or Light Phone III.

The Light Phone 3 is reportedly coming with a new display, camera, and other features which modern-day smartphone users can't survive without.

The most noteworthy feature of the device is going to be its new display, replacing the outdated E Ink screen with a 3.92-inch black-and-white OLED panel.

The Light Phone 3, under the hood, features that we can call futureproofing upgrades, as it has an NFC chip, which Light has integrated for its future offering digital payments some time in future.

Moreover, it offers a USB-C port, a more prevailed sort of charging connector which has outrun the USB connectors as it offers carry audio, video and other data transfers.

Equipped with Qualcomm SM 4450 processor, 128GB of storage, and 6GB of RAM, and a fingerprint scanner, the battery type of the Light Phone 3 is something that makes the device last longer for users: removable.

The co-founder claims its size to bear immense resemblance with the discontinued BlackBerry, but it has the aluminum buttons on the side.

Light Phone 3 camera

Since the lack of camera proved to be a determinant for the fate of Light Phone 2’, the new Light Phone 3 brings a rear-facing camera, offering a 50MP camera on the back and an 8MP selfie camera on the front.

Triggered by a shutter button as that of conventional cameras, both the camera lenses accompany a fixed focal length and a centre focus, which should be enough to scan QR codes and have video calls if nothing else.

“There’s no editing or sharing, just documenting the moment if you need to,” says Kaiwei Tang, the co-founder of Light.