Make your iPhone screen faster with this hack

Haptic feedback is only available in iOS 17
An undated image of iOS 17. — Apple
An undated image of iOS 17. — Apple

Do you feel like your iPhone screen is working very slowly? Then, this mind blowing trick is here for the rescue to resolve this issue soon.

Have you ever heard about Haptic feedback? The touch on your iPhone’s screen and getting an instant quiver is known as Haptic feedback. Users would be able to perform several actions with a long press on the display including quick actions such as options that allow deletion, share and view more than once.

Users would be able to modify live photos into videos, and many more. Users often use this feature to change the intensity of the phone's flashlight.

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It’s a beneficial feature that would assist in great iOS navigation but still, according to some users, Haptic feedback is a bit slow to react. However, the Cupertino-based tech giant previously launched Haptic technology for 3D Touch was better than Haptic Touch because it used to work by pressure sensitivity, not length of time. But, 3D Touch was replaced by Haptic Touch in 2018.

How to make Haptic Touch faster on your iPhone?

Here is how you can easily enhance Haptic Touch:

  • Firstly, go to settings and then ‘Accessibility.’
  • Now, tap ‘Touch’ and then ‘Haptic Touch’ and then, you will get these three touch duration options
  1. Fast
  2. Default
  3. Slow

Now, you can select any option, whatever you want according to your choice, if you want a fast screen then select the relevant option. But, if somebody wants to use a slow screen then select the slow option.

If your device runs on iOS 17 only then, you would be able to use this feature otherwise, you won’t be able to use it.