McLaren introduces McLaren GTS

McLaren GTS is robust carbon fibre MonoCell II-T monocoque chassis, weighing mere 1,520kg and earning title of the lightest car in its class
An undated image of McLaren GTS. — McLaren
An undated image of McLaren GTS. — McLaren

McLaren, the renowned British supercar manufacturer, unveils the eagerly awaited McLaren GTS, poised to replace the GT model in the McLaren lineup. The exterior enhancements of the GTS redefine the visual identity, featuring a distinctive 'hammerhead' signature styling at the front. 

Notable changes include a redesigned lower front bumper with wider air intakes and prominent front intake air blades, reflecting both racing heritage and a more aggressive aesthetic.

McLaren GTS: A muscular rear design

The rear design of the GTS showcases new and taller air scoops, contributing to increased airflow for the formidable 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine. 

A large rear diffuser and dual exhausts not only enhance aerodynamics but also amplify the car's overall performance. The optional Sports Exhaust system provides a thrilling supercar soundtrack, emphasizing the raw power at the driver's disposal.

McLaren GTS: carbon fibre dominance

The GTS offers a range of visual carbon fibre options, from air intake blades to mirror caps, allowing drivers to personalise their supercar. The default gloss black finish on certain elements ensures a stealthy appearance, while the optional Stealth Badge Pack allows further customisation. 

The lightweight construction incorporates carbon fibre, maintaining strength and performance while adhering to McLaren's commitment to sustainability.

McLaren GTS: Lightweight powerhouse

At the core of the GTS is the robust carbon fibre MonoCell II-T monocoque chassis, weighing a mere 1,520kg and earning the title of the lightest car in its class. 

The 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, now producing an impressive 635PS, delivers exhilarating performance. With a launch-control function, the GTS accelerates from 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds, showcasing its prowess on the road.

McLaren GTS: Driving dynamics

The GTS ensures a dynamic driving experience with a seven-speed SSG transmission, offering Comfort, Sport, and Track modes. The electro-hydraulic steering system, adaptive suspension, and carbon ceramic braking system are meticulously tuned for balance, agility, and comfort. The vehicle lift function enhances urban manoeuvrability, adjusting ground clearance swiftly.

McLaren GTS: Practical luxury

Contrary to supercar stereotypes, the GTS surprises with a practical side, featuring a carbon fibre rear upper structure creating ample luggage space. 

The interior seamlessly blends performance and refinement, with high-quality materials and customizable options. Comfort seats, machine-polished aluminium switches, and optional visual carbon fibre packs enhance the luxurious interior.

Cutting-edge technology and customisation

The GTS boasts cutting-edge technology with a digital instrument display, central touchscreen infotainment, and optional Bowers & Wilkins premium audio. 

The extensive palette of exterior colours, wheel options, and Pirelli's specially developed P ZERO tires allow for personalization, ensuring a unique and tailored ownership experience.

Exterior colours and wheel options: A personal touch

The GTS offers an extended palette of exterior paints and wheel options, including exclusive choices like Mantis Green and Lava Grey. 

Wheel designs, such as the new 10-spoke Turbine lightweight forged alloy wheel, provide customization possibilities. Pirelli's P ZERO tires, tailored for the GTS, ensure high performance and exceptional grip.

The McLaren GTS: A triumph in automotive engineering

As the successor to the GT model, the McLaren GTS sets a new benchmark, embodying the pinnacle of automotive engineering. With elegance, performance, and practicality seamlessly combined, the GTS affirms McLaren's commitment to delivering extraordinary driving experiences.