Mercedes reveals 'Dialogue Partner' AI assistant at CES 2024

Voice-activated AI assistant is capable of providing context-based suggestions and exhibits various emotional shifts in its tone
The image displays Mercedes logo. — Unsplash
The image displays Mercedes logo. — Unsplash

Mercedes Benz has revealed its artificial intelligence (AI) assistant called “Dialogue partner” at the yearly mega tech exhibition event Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

With the introduction of this innovative feature, the German luxury automotive manufacturer has marked its good-paced stride to integrating generative technology in automobiles.

The AI assistant, activated using voice, is capable of providing context-based suggestions and exhibits various emotional shifts in its tone. Moreover, the bot also allows users to engage in meaningful conversations with it, as reported by Reuters.

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"The car is your dialogue partner. You can ask questions, have a conversation, be productive," Mercedes' chief technology officer, Markus Schaefer, said at a press roundtable in Las Vegas.

Mercedes’ Chief Technology Officer remarked that the virtual assistant is designed to logically answer queries extended by the end-user, and enhance the driving experience by not letting the driver get bored.

The innovative feature will record its maiden integration in the automaker’s latest vehicles, such as the upcoming CLA class vehicle — an all-electric iteration of the carmaker’s smaller four-door model — which has already begun garnering acclaim while cruising the streets of North America.

An additional feature of the voice assistant is a plausibility check for the provided responses, wherein it verifies recommendations through cloud data and customers' self-reporting, such as suggesting open shops rather than those that have been shut down.

"We feel that we have an obligation if we put something in the car that you can trust the information," Schaefer said.

Similarly, Volkswagen on Monday launched its first-ever vehicles having ChatGPT-integrated voice assistants, keeping up with the rising trend of AI integration in automobiles and its evolution.