Meta accidentally shows off Quest 3S

Meta Quest 3S model likely to be launched at Meta Connect 2024
An undated image of Meta Quest 3. — Meta
An undated image of Meta Quest 3. — Meta

Meta has been accidentally leaking details about the soon-to-be-launched VR headset Meta Quest 3S for some time now, for the second time in these weeks. Recently, Meta released a cameo in the background of a video made by its CTO.

This Quest device can’t be recognised so there are maximum probability chances that this device could be Meta Quest 3, meanwhile, it has several cameras placed in the wrong directions and it is not around the Quest 2 in a video. But, the white plastic cladding has confirmed that it's surely an actual Quest or Quest Pro.

Taking to Threads, a tipster wrote: “Instead, it looks nearly identical to the leaked Quest 3S design.” Replying to his suggestion, Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth said: “Love that higher quality video over on Threads.”

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Reports suggested that Meta Quest 3S model is likely to be launched in the near future at Meta’s event ‘Meta Connect 2024’ — which is expected to take place by the end of September.

However, Meta has not released any official statement regarding the launch of Meta Quest 3 yet including the authenticity of rumours. It should be noted that the above mentioned information collected by tipsters is only on the basis of a video.


Meta Quest 3S prices are expected to be $299, if it goes low but, if it goes high then it might be $399. If Meta opts for the lower prices it wouldn’t be anywhere near too big a burn to its users.

To recall, when the tech giant hinted at the release of Quest 3, six months after releasing Quest Pro, people were sceptical about its price but later the company offered its most powerful headset at one-third of Pro's first price.