Meta borrows an experiment from Snapchat’s and BeReal’s initiated ideas

Meta is about to launch an intriguing feature ‘Peek’
An undated image of  social media platforms. — Freepik
An undated image of  social media platforms. — Freepik

Meta is most likely to introduce a new feature while borrowing concepts from Snapchat and BeReal, taking on its competitors. This soon to be launched feature named ‘Peek’ would permit the users to post specific pictures that can not be viewed more than once. 

Snapchat initiated the concept of ephemeral content while BeReal introduced the authentic post’s feature. Now, Meta will be copying their trend and integrating them into its upcoming feature ‘Peek’.

Peek will be an ephemeral version which will only be available for 24 hours and will be viewed once.

Let’s know more about this feature:

  1. Users wouldn’t be allowed to select pictures from their gallery.
  2. You can only upload the picture taken at the same moment.
  3. The picture would be unable to be edited (an idea taken from BeReal’s famous feature).

As mentioned earlier, Peek is similar to Instagram’s eminent feature ‘Candid Stories’, which actually started to be tested in 2022. However, this feature never rolled out to the users all over the world, which is a BeReal clone. 

It would send notifications to all the users to capture their moments and share it with their online family as a raw image at the same time.

Meanwhile, Candid stories has let users share authentic posts at a particular moment each day, Peek will allow you to do it by yourself. Reports have even suggested that BeReal is losing it‘s stream; however, this claim is denied by the app itself. 

But, this feature has provided the flexibility to the users to share authentic content at a random time of their choice and Paluzzi has also shared a screenshot and has notified that instagram has considered Peek as a way to share little moments with your beloved ones.