Meta Quest 3 update rolling out to level up VR experience

Quest 3's passthrough feature allowed users to see real world around them but with limitations
An undated image of Meta Quest 3 — Meta
An undated image of Meta Quest 3 — Meta

Virtual reality (VR) technology has come a long way since its inception, with the Meta Quest series at the forefront, revolutionising the way consumers interact with digital content. 

Meta is rolling out a new update for its Quest 3 virtual reality handset, addressing some of the most frustrating issues users have been facing. The update, version v66, brings improvements to the passthrough feature, menu access, and background audio, making the VR experience even more seamless. 

Meta Quest's passthrough feature

Quest 3's passthrough feature allowed users to see the real world around them, but it had some limitations. The update fixes hand-tracking issues and distorts the view around the user's hands. This feature is exclusive to Quest 3 for now, but Meta plans to bring it to other devices soon. 

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Meta Quest's menu access and background audio feature

The update introduces a new way to access menus by tapping a button on the wrist, making it easier to navigate. In addition, the Meta has added background audio suitable for multitasking, allowing users to play music or videos while using other apps.

Other features

The update also includes support for high-resolution Netflix, the ability to hide apps in the library, automatic detection of real-life objects, and syncing of photos and videos to the web gallery. Additionally, Meta has added a new sleep mode option to reduce idle power drain and allow for background updates.

Meta's update shows its commitment to improving the VR experience for its users. By fixing annoying issues and adding new features, the company is making its devices more user-friendly. With Quest 3, users can experience immersive VR while interacting with the real world.