Meta unveils powerful AI tools for marketers

Meta's new generative AI capabilities are poised to transform the way businesses approach ad production
An undated image showing Meta logo. — Unsplash
An undated image showing Meta logo. — Unsplash

Meta, an American multinational tech company, has just introduced new generative AI capabilities aimed at increasing advertising creativity and efficiency.

These capabilities include sophisticated picture and text-generating tools designed to help firms with their advertising efforts.

Generative AI for image customisation

Meta's most recent version includes a unique feature that allows firms to produce many picture variations directly from their original ad creatives.

Moreover, this involves developing new backdrops and resizing photos to fit various media surfaces efficiently. Advertisers may now enhance photos with text overlays, choosing from a variety of popular typefaces to further personalise the ad experience.

Enhanced text generation capabilities

Meta is also improving its text-generating skills, allowing marketers to create diverse headlines and primary texts that are consistent with their brand's voice.

In addition, these enhancements are based on input from advertisers who want more diversified text selections that are consistent with their marketing strategy. The upcoming integration with Meta Llama 3, a sophisticated language model, is expected to considerably improve these capabilities.

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Centralised AI features Advantage+ Creative

All generative AI capabilities in Ads Manager have been unified under Advantage+ Creative, making them more easily accessible.

This connection intends to expedite the ad production process, providing organisations with the benefits of both automation and creativity, ultimately enhancing ad effectiveness.

Moreover, Meta also continues to improve its advertising solutions, such as Advantage+ Creative optimisations for video commercials and Advantage+ catalogue ads that provide personalised product suggestions.

Meta's new generative AI capabilities are poised to transform the way businesses approach ad production, providing tools that promote creativity and efficiency.

Respectively, by combining these capabilities in Advantage+ Creative, Meta offers a comprehensive solution that enables marketers to create appealing, customised advertising more effectively.