Microsoft Copilot now available on iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad iteration of Copilot seems to mirror its Android counterpart closely
The image shows Copilot on iPhone. — Apple
The image shows Copilot on iPhone. — Apple 

Microsoft has discreetly launched its standalone Copilot app for Apple's iPhone and iPad devices following its recent debut on Android.

Described as an innovative chat assistant powered by the latest OpenAI models, GPT-4, and DALL·E 3, the mobile app promises swift, intricate responses and the ability to generate stunning visuals from simple text descriptions. The App Store description boasts the combination of fast AI technologies that facilitate both conversation and visual creation, all accessible free of charge.

The iPhone and iPad iteration of Copilot seems to mirror its Android counterpart closely. It offers comparable prompt-based productivity and creative functions available on the web version. Users can compose various documents such as emails, resumes, and stories, benefit from content summarisation and translation, plan personalised travel itineraries, and more. 

Additionally, the app integrates an Image Creator tool, enabling users to craft high-quality images suitable for social media, logos, backgrounds, book illustrations, and similar uses.

Notably, there was no prior announcement or indication from Microsoft about releasing standalone Copilot apps for mobile devices. Nonetheless, this release seems to encompass the complete Copilot experience for users seeking such capabilities on the go.

For those interested, Microsoft Copilot is available for download on the Apple App Store.