Microsoft event today: What to expect from Microsoft Build 2024

Event may include AI-related announcements, such as Microsoft's work with open-source Stable Diffusion image generation model
An undated image displaying Microsoft Builds logo. — Microsoft
An undated image displaying Microsoft Build's logo. — Microsoft

With only few hours left for the inauguration ceremony of Microsoft Build 2024, the Washington-based company is expected to make a product announcement of general interest, involving their Surface tablets, laptops, and the Windows operating system during the event.

Microsoft event May 21

The Microsoft Build on May 20 will be a hybrid affair, with both in-person and online sessions. CEO Satya Nadella will deliver the keynote address.

A day earlier, Microsoft unveiled new consumer versions of its Surface Pro and Surface Laptop models, potentially featuring upgraded components like Intel's "Meteor Lake" processors, a dedicated Copilot key, and enhanced 1440p cameras at a secret event.

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Microsoft Build 2024 event: AI beyond Copilot

Beyond Copilot, the event may include announcements related to other AI technologies, such as Microsoft's work with the open-source Stable Diffusion image generation model, as evidenced by a session titled "Learn how to accelerate Stable Diffusion."

Office updates

In addition to Copilot updates, the event is expected to include announcements related to Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office). Users can anticipate more Copilot integration within Office apps and Teams, as well as Microsoft's efforts to help enterprises leverage Copilot with their own data and customisations.

The event may also feature updates to Microsoft's Mesh platform for virtual and augmented reality. A joint Microsoft-Meta panel will demonstrate how Mesh can be integrated with Office applications and the Windows experience on Meta Quest VR devices.

Copilot updates

Copilot, Microsoft's AI assistant, will be a major focus of the event. Nadella has referred to the company as "the Copilot company," and the event scheduler even includes a Copilot-powered chatbot.

There will be numerous sessions dedicated to showcasing new Copilot capabilities integrated into Windows and Office applications. The company will also highlight how Copilot can enable "low-code" development, making it easier for users to build custom functionality.