Microsoft is up to Copilot Pro: Here's what to expect

Pro version of Copilot might require a subscription which brings it in line with ChatGPT Plus
The image shows Copilot on iPhone. — Apple
The image shows Copilot on iPhone. — Apple 

Shortly after launching its Copilot, a ChatGPT-like generative AI service, Microsoft is reportedly working on a revamped, pro version of the app, according to some leaks emerged on the internet.

Microsoft last month discreetly launched its standalone Copilot app for Apple's iPhone and iPad devices after its debut on Android.

Described as an innovative chat assistant powered by the latest OpenAI models, GPT-4, and DALL·E 3, the app promises swift, intricate responses and the ability to generate stunning visuals from simple text descriptions.

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While referring to its exposure of the leaked details, pertaining to Copilot Pro, it encountered in version 122.0.2336.0 and version 122.0.2342.0 of the Microsoft Edge Canary app for Android, Android Authority disclosed what the paid version of the AI service could offer once/if launched.

What to expect from Copilot Pro?

One of the renders specifically highlights that the top-notch version might require a subscription. This points towards the possibility of a subscription-based offering in line with ChatGPT Plus.

Moreover, among the perks of the Copilot Pro is the inclusion of access to the latest AI models, priority access for quicker answers, and “high-quality” image generation.

It's noteworthy that the existing free edition of Copilot provides access to the most recent models and produces high-quality images.

This suggests that Microsoft may consider reserving these free features for the professional tier in the future. Currently, Copilot has limitations, allowing only 30 replies per chat session and 300 conversations per day.

However, there is no indication in the information provided that upgrading to Copilot Pro would result in any improvements in these restrictions.