Microsoft mobile games store to launch in July

Sarah Bond says that Microsoft is also mulling to extend Xbox mobile platform to partners in future
An undated image displaying a white Xbox controller. — Pexels
An undated image displaying a white Xbox controller. — Pexels

Microsoft, a tycoon in the real of gaming sphere, is purportedly deliberating over the development of an Xbox games app store.

Shedding light on the launch schedule and how Microsoft will evade Apple's stringent regulations on App Store while executing the roll out of Xbox mobile gaming store, disclosed Xbox president Sarah Bond. 

Xbox mobile gaming store launch

While Microsoft game app store, the platform, has been in the pipeline for a couple of years now and could not make it to be worked upon by the company, the Redmond-based company is now aiming to launch it in July, as reported by The Verge.

“We’re going to start by bringing our own first-party portfolio to [the Xbox mobile store], so you’re going to see games like Candy Crush show up in that experience, games like Minecraft,” says Bond. 

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“We’re going to start on the web, and we’re doing that because that really allows us to have it be an experience that’s accessible across all devices, all countries, no matter what and independent of the policies of closed ecosystem stores,” the Xbox president added.

The primary focus of the Xbox mobile store will be first-party mobile games from a range of Microsoft studios, including massive superhit titles like Call of Duty: Mobile and Candy Crush Saga.

As per the remarks of the company president, Microsoft is also mulling to extend the Xbox mobile platform to partners in the future. She was of the view that not a single gaming platform and store experience is out there that “goes truly across devices — where who you are, your library, your identity, your rewards travel with you versus being locked to a single ecosystem,” indirectly hinting at the Microsoft venture to fill the void with its Xbox mobile store.

The Microsoft mobile app store was first hinted at as a “next-generation store” in early 2022 by Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer. 

“We want to be in a position to offer Xbox and content from both us and our third-party partners across any screen where somebody would want to play,” he said at the time in an interview with the Financial Times last year.